Welcome to the Pass DAO forum


Pass DAO is a distributed organization created for services that could be decentralized with a significant reduction of the financial and commercial intermediation costs. All the decisions regarding the organization are taken by the Pass DAO Community with voting procedures managed automatically by smart contracts on the global Ethereum Virtual Machine. This forum is a place to discuss the prospective projects and proposals before submitting to the Blockchain.

If you are a developer wishing to create an awesome project and to fundraise, or a specialist wishing to sell us interesting services or if you believe in the future of decentralized services, sign up and fill a public Ethereum address (see How to generate a new Ethereum address, be sure to securely own the private key). This address will be used to send you Pass DAO shares depending on your activity in the forum and the actual giveaway program. You can also submit proposals and receive fees in Eth when voting on proposals.


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