Let's talk about the implications and possibilities


The Uber of delivery! How cool!

I think more options are needed in the delivery field. One thing that I am worried about is the possibility of illegal shipments. It doesn’t sound right to say; however, I believe that this is one big reason that pass will be used. Any way to stop this?
What are some other areas of use? Has any team members researched areas lacking a mailing system? I am sure many do. It will be interesting to see how people adapt.

Anyone have other thoughts? :slight_smile:


About the possibility of illegal shipments, the courier has to open the package and check that everything is legal. If there are illegal items, he must go away.

In some countries, the legislation can allow a person-to-person delivery. In other countries, the legislation can require to be a professional service and even buy special equipment to check the parcel for instance in special checkpoints. Pass DAO wants to work for responsible and authorized services.

Allow to deliver parcels in a peer-to-peer and decentralized way can be very useful for instance in regions where centralized postal services don’t deliver at all, are expensive or are without a guarantee of a delivery date. You can imagine for instance to have an autonomous checkpoint in the airport of a rural region that send or receive parcels to or from everywhere. At the airport, local couriers can take or deliver parcels and link the region with the world.

But it is not necessary to be in a rural region to find use cases. For instance, I ordered a little parcel from San Francisco two months ago. First the supplier suggested the Fedex but the parcel returned from London to San Francisco for an unknown reason. The supplier suggested USPS and I only know that “The item is currently in transit to the destination”. There is no illegal item and I’d like to have a smart contract with a deposit insurance and a tracking system of the parcel.


I think that illegal parcels are less than 0.01% of normal parcels. So will not influence on main idea of your project.


Hello there. I have been searching around the website before I earned my bade, and I tend to find more questions than answers. Regardless, I have a lot of experience with shipping and handling, up to preparing fragile carbide, even preparing documentation for several ton presses internationally. I’ll take this opportunity to post my resume at the following URL: www.d2.ae/work password rauricat9001

What is PASS? The “uber of delivery”? Like drone delivery services? Indeed the amount of illegal trade using private and public delivery companies is negligible, but what offerings are there from PASS? Is it an always-on embedded “GPS sticker” on a parcel? Something similar? I fail to understand what this is.

Regardless, I always found the heat-reactive shipping labels and “tip-over warning” labels to be fascinating. There are all kinds of options to indicate what kind of treatment a package or shipment receives in route. I’m certain there will be all kinds of new ones by the time we are transporting fuel and resources to and from the moon Mars, haha.