Is the ethereum network fundamentally dependent on the URL?


I exhibit pattern-seeking behavior, and I have found my way down many rabbit holes. Please forgive me if I’m a fish out of water here, but I saw the “reputation” of ethereum hinging on the Xi character (Ξ) and ownership of the ipv6 address. I may have had fundamentally flawed thinking, obviously, since the blockchain technology its founded on has proven itself miraculous to me time and time again.

I’m trying to find what can’t be found: the end of the rabbit hole, and it turns out I’m just digging tunnels for myself to find, so to speak. If it is useful to anyone, I’ve registered www.0π.com as a quick-reference for how I think and a means of accessing some symbols I find to be important. If you are curious about my self-proclaimed “pattern-seeking behavior” I recently described it here:æ

I suppose I a simple answer to my topic title will suffice. I tend to get wordy when I am excited. Thank you for reading.