Integration of Vanilla Delivery Services into the Distributed Delivery System


Hello All, I hope I am posting this in the right place. I stumbled across this project when researching blockchain technology for use in logistics networks. I have watched the video and read what I could on the project, and it occurs to me that there is no reason this could not be used for more vanilla delivery systems such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc, for the purposes of setting up a C.O.D. (cash on delivery) system. Distributed deliveries whatnot are great, but there are large barriers of adoption for the average user.

I can see potentially large use cases for this specific technology/blockchain for relatively innocuous transactions. Imagine legal papers being sent. You could solve so many lawyers problems by being able to show that a cease and desist letter reached its destination on a certain date or time along with GPS tagging and blockchain-embedded tracking.

You could even do tracking for the food industry…products like tomatoes, for example, have a very short shelf life after harvest. A system like this could be set up to monitor movement of cargoes to check for speed, timeliness, etc. Specifically, in the produce industry, there is a large need for escrow services for fruits and vegetables. Your service could fill that gap perfectly…we just need to make it easy to understand for larger businesses.

I don’t really see any other major blockchain projects dealing with logistics. I would like to help get this launched because I think its a solid idea. I don’t have money to contribute, but I can help with marketing, web development (especially graphical elements), writing of whitepapers, social media, etc… I have a background in web development and I have very solid business connections in Southeast Asia.

P.S. I hope I created this topic in the right place. If I did not, let me know where you want it and I will repost elsewhere.



Yes. It is the right place.

We’d like to propose an added-value service in existing delivery services for C.O.D, automatic insurance and tracking. The problem is that centralized postal services don’t work like that. But we could for P2P delivery services who link autonomous travelers or small businesses with physical persons. Dolly, Roady, Grabr, Nimber, Colis-Voiturage, PiggyBee or even Uber Rush.

We see also a potential application for a rental system. You have P2P delivery services and P2P rental services of objects. We could propose an application which does the both. You track your parcel which goes from persons to others through couriers and rental fee or delivery fee are automatically paid.

There are also applications for the tracking or fresh products (food, medecine). For instance the food industry as you mentioned or delivery services for fresh food as Amazon Fresh.

Your proposal to work in development or marketing for the Southeast Asia seems interesting. You should prepare a proposal and submit it to the Community for votes. We can show you how to make a proposal. Note: the fee to make a proposal is today high because the eth price rose but we will reduce it.