Having a second ICO round?


The devs of this coin have been doing a phenomenal job; however, the community is very small. Having people financially invested in the project will help increase community support. The giveaway was an attempt at this but I believe the initial whitepaper may have offput potential interested parties (passlfix was not as flashy as other project; ann thread had minimal graphics, whitepaper was not as good as the current paper). Perhaps current investors would be able to donate funds to be used for a new ICO. As an ICO investor myself (not in this project), I cannot understand how this project has fallen under the radar. I understand the initial lack of interest but now that there has been some development I believe that interest will increase.

With all that said, if anyone wants to sell me some I am more than willing to buy :smiley:


A second round is possible but the easiest way for PassLfix to get funds (and for investors to get in) is to sell a part of Pass tokens using the DAO manager smart contract.


As I understand the the idea of first and optional crowdfunding is very smart and honest. Creator of this DAO don’t want to collect astronomical amount from investors. Just what it will be really necessary for project steps to launch and work. And it’s really cool!