Giveaway Program


Sad :frowning: This has a lot of potential.
Perhaps a new ann thread with prototype vid in center.
Some pics and infographs, people like those more than substance :frowning:




i see my name in but iā€™m forget my address eth please edit
addres eth : 0xd3a7B5366B0d81C5b34B9B7D373471D77ea4f892
anyone take my eth


The public key in your profile is not an Ethereum address.


can i change my ether with this 0xd3a7B5366B0d81C5b34B9B7D373471D77ea4f892
coz everyone already see my ether other


yes. Select your Preferences then Profile.


ok already change
can i get ethcoin coz before i not get my ethcoin :sob: