Giveaway Program


Vote started. My transaction:


Yes. Vote is started and working. I get the reward too :slight_smile:


already vote, my transaction


already vote, but i see on etherscan, my transaction got this notice…

To: Contract 0x6a3dcd2ad3c693aa8cbc3e5bcb075b674209a033
Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Bad jump destination]

what its mean?


Did you buy shares in December with this address ? Don’t send ether when voting.


no, i dont use this address and yeah, its my mistake. first vote i send some eth to contract address. and second vote i try again without sending eth. ( 0 ). but i still got same notice like above.

can you explaing more details about this vote? because i’m not familiar with this.
thank you


First check your balance:

Input you address after 10.> balanceOf and Query.


my balance is 0

can i vote?



  1. balanceOf
    balance uint256

[ Method Response ]
balance : 0


Without shares delivered during the ICO, you can’t. But if the proposal is approved, you will receive shares according to the giveaway program.


so basically this giveaway just for participant ICO/investor?


The giveaway is for the forum users but as any proposal, the program has to be approved first by the shareholders. And today, the shareholders are the ICO investors.


I voted “true” today.


The proposal has been approved. See and query 1.>Committees 1 to have the details.

So the program started. For those who signed up and filled a valid public key, see and query 7.>Given 1, .


Note : the public key must identify an ETH account. “0x<40 characters>”. Keep your private key safe and don’t send it.



I did not receive any ether in the giveaway. Did I need to do something else?



Eth are sent to the shares smart contract (see and query 7.>Given 1, your address). You should receive the equivalent shares (1 eth = 1000 shares) when 500 eth will be collected and if before the end of may.

Note: we are waiting for the launching of the prototype in april to start a more active publicity.


Great prototype video! You guys are creating an interesting product. I am not too tech savvy, do we just put our eth address in the thread? (along with participating in forum discussion).


Thank you. The prototype works fine. We see not one but several potential products : person-to-person delivery of parcels, tracking of fresh products, rental of objects …
For the giveaway program, those who filled an eth PublicKey in their profile should be able to get 1 eth from the 1st of June.


The giveaway program is now closed.

The minimal amount of 500 eth has not been collected. It means that those who signed up and filled an Eth public key should have received 1 eth but no DAO share. This is how the smart contract works.

Our goal is to form together a decentralized and active community and not to distribute eth. In the future, we will see how to start a new giveaway program.