Decentralized gym/rock wall/rec services membership


What do people think about the idea of creating a smart contract to implement a use anywhere (at participating locations) gym membership, so that people who travel or live in an area with multiple facilities do not have to pay the full price for a service they rarely use or only use once, and gyms can gain additional customers who otherwise would not have come because of individual site high one time use / high non resident fees without giving up their existing payment methods, particularly for regular customers / residents. Since some gyms and rec service providers charge more than others, maybe a tiered approach could work? As in if you pay for tier one you get access to the lowest tier of facilities only, if your pay for tier two you get access to the first two tiers of facilities… and the smart contract pays the gyms based on how many people utilize this service (possibly better payment scheme). I am hoping this could also be a way to get not computer science oriented people using smart contracts and Ethereum and DAOs, since although that seems to be what almost all current Dapps are about, I think the possibilities of decentralization extend much further if we are willing to test its limits.