The Pass Distributed Application

Upgrade Proposals We can upgrade the Committee Room, the share and the token Managers smart contracts. The only smart contract we can't update is the Pass Dao smart contract which includes a register of projects and all the upgrades from the beginning of the application. DAO Shares If you are a shareholder, you own a part of Pass Dao. Shares give the right to decide together with all the Community the future of the Organization: the services to develop, its contractors and how it works. Because deciding is a responsability and a work, fees are paid to voters. Resolutions Some questions can be submitted to a vote by the Community. Rules We can change the min quorum for proposals, the minimum committee fees, the percentage of positive votes to reward shares to the creator of the proposal, the period before committees, the minimum debate period, the inflation rate for the rewarding of fees to voters, the token price inflation rate and the default funding period. Contractors Every team or company can offer our DAO to sell products or to execute services. Every product or service, which could help developing our global system or one of our project and, consequently, increase the shares and Pass tokens values will be interesting for DAO shareholders. How it works Discussion about the application, how it works, and how we can improve it. Projects Every developer or project manager team can propose our Community to promote a project. Every project which could help developing our global system and, consequently, increasing the shares and Pass tokens values will be interesting for DAO shareholders. Pass Tokens Pass Tokens will be sold as a currency for the developped applications. It can be used for instance to pay a deposit for a service which will be given back only if the service is well executed. Useful applications and services will help the token value price rising.
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